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I Am Only One



I am only one
but still I am one
each one special
I posted this shell collage on Instagram yesterday after spending four glorious days picking up shell fragments along the beaches on the Chesapeake Bay. Call me silly but I find these pieces incredibly beautiful with the signs of wear, the textures and lines on the shell, and their soft greys, rust, ivory and butterscotch hues. Each one is one of a kind.
Here is what I love most: when I shared the collage with Sherry she immediately put poetry to it -  I am only one but still I am one and each one special together.  
This was just perfect!
It got me thinking about the beauty of collaboration. I contributed the image, Sherry added the words. Tara and Annette taught me how to use Instagram. June contributed the opportunity to be on the beach. Gay instilled my love of shells many years ago. And Mary nurtures my sense of wonder and awe in nature. Rob offers photography advice. Amy encourages me. Mike teaches me about being myself.  Countless unnamed artists share their nature images and creativity freely on the web.
Look at all the outside influence and support that goes into a life! I am only one, and I am so grateful to the many for enriching my life.
And may it be so for you:
May you be open to receiving the gifts others offer so freely.
May you share your gifts with others. 
May we appreciate each other’s uniqueness.

Blessings of the Hands


Our hands are connected to our heart.

Take a minute and look closely at your hands. if yours are anything like mine you'll see scars, wrinkles, calluses, sun damage, prominent veins and misshapen knuckles.  On any given day I might have dirt under my nails or paint covered fingertips, or both!  Our hands, with all the evidence of time and use, tell a story about how we participate in bringing love out into the world. 

Look into the palm of your hand and think about all you have done with your hands.  You've used these instruments to cherish, gather, distribute, sooth, protect, push away and hold close. Your life long acts of creation, comfort, nourishment and kindness are too numerous to count.  Think big with me, your acts are part of the accumulation of love enriching today and influencing tomorrow.

Our lives are tiny in comparison to the whole. Look at your hands.

May you appreciate the unique character of the marks only you can make.  

Our lives are imperfect.  Look at your hands.

May you recognize and respect your efforts, your persistence, your courage to keep trying every day.

Our lives grow weary. Look at your hands.

May you honor your body and spirit's call for rest and renewal.

Look at your hands.


With love and respect, Judy